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Temptation Carwash is the most complete bikini car wash themed entertainment concept, organizing yearly championships and having it's own reality shows on TV. The Temptation Carwash show on (mostly car related) events is an all-in-one concept in which we offer bikini babes show on a decorated set, our own stunt car and our own Mc and Dj's. Event marketing agency ToyToyToy offers you following “bikini carwash”-formulas:

>> animation on our own stunt car on the mainstage of major (car related) events
>> animation around a Cadillac seat in night clubs (when a car cannot enter the club)
>> promo-action on carwash location
>> your brand promotional campaign on multiple locations
>> yearly championship ’bikini carwash’

Our bikini babes can also be booked for other assignments.

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You can find our 2 most booked formulas below. They are described in more detail.

  1. Temptation Car Wash Show

If you want a refreshing and sensual animation for your event you can book our temptation carwash show. In this 'bikini car wash' animation our bikini babes bring one or more sensual carwash-acts of about 15 minutes. The bikini babes will give you an alternating performance of choreographics, improvisation and interaction with the public. Of course this spectacle comes along with a lot of atmosphere, music, sensual movements and especially… lot’s of foam!!! We are always armed with heat radiators, foam machine and water heating equipment, so your show stays guaranteed also when the weather conditions are not optimal. Moreover, the show is suitable for a very broad audience, so no nudity is involved.

We do have formulas in all sorts of price classes available. In order to get a detailed overview of all our packages you should contact us, or download the pdf document on our "bookings" page.

Attention, please take into account that the above formula is only an attraction/animation. It is not the intention that the bikini babes perform a carwash to several cars. If you want to offer your clients the possibility of having their cars washed by our babes, we would like to refer to our “contest”-formula as described below.


  1. Bikini Carwash Contest

Do you see things bigger and do you wish to book a complete carwash-contest? No problem! We will magically transform your location into a true bikini paradise, where ten babes battle each other all day long in a game of ‘sensual carwashing’. Afterwards, the crowd and the jury determine which bikini team was the most tempting and therefore wins the “temptation car wash contest”.

In this formula the bikini babes wash the cars of visitors and clients who register to the event. The price for the audience to have their car bikini washed is discussed between your organization and ToyToyToy events.

During this event we usually organize the catering, supply the music equipment, DJ, decoration of the scenery,…

Deviations upon our standard formulas are always open to discussion. We are happy to receive your own proposal!

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